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neues talent system
As you may know, we are in the process of redesigning the Talent System. It is being redesigned with two primary functions in mind. First, it will be one of the methods used to allow players to differentiate their characters from others of the same class. Secondly, it will now allow players several options to choose from when upgrading their character's combat effectiveness.

Each character will earn one talent point per level, which they can then spend on a variety of Talents designed specifically for their class. Talents will be categorized into three different varieties as listed below:

General Talents: These are talents that will increase many, or possibly all, spells/abilities that a character has. An example of a General Talent might be: +1 to all Shadow damage.

Spell/Ability Specific Talents: These are talents that will increase one specific spell/ability that a character has. An example of a Spell/Ability Specific Talent might be: +5 to Holy Strike damage.

Exceptional Talents: These are talents that will add a new spell/ability to your character. This will be a spell/ability not available in any other way.

Additionally, we are planning to add a mechanism that will allow players to remove talents from their characters, for situations where a mistake was made. This will not be done freely, as with the Skill Point removal system. There will be a very meaningful cost, or penalty, associated with removing them, to prohibit situational Talent removal abuse.

mir gefällts Smile
ajo mir gefällt das auch hoffen wa mal das man nich so leicht respeccen kann wie bei daoc ^^
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