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1.70m Live (US-Server) - 21.07.2004 ~ Zusatz
Nachdem der Livepatch 1.70 + 1.70a nicht reichen hat man auf den Ami Servern noch folgenden Zusatz aufgespielt, den 1.70m.
Ich denke, dass wird nicht alles gewesen sein und es folgen noch weitere Wink


Dark Age of Camelot
Live Version 1.70m Release Notes
July 21, 2004



- We have added the '/stats' command. This command will show your character's current RvR statistics for the game session. Relogging your character or exiting the game will clear the record of statistics viewed with /stats (nothing is erased off your character). The command will show the following statistics: total RP, total RP earned from kills, kills that have earned RP, your deathblows, your deaths, online time, rp/hour, kills per death, and rp per kill.

- All Animist 'fire and forget' turrets have been reduced in hit points by 60%.

- Much of the aggression generated by Animist turrets will now be transferred to the Animist's controlled pet, if the turret and controlled pet are within 750 units of each other, during PvE combat.

- Fixed an issue where monsters did not treat pets as part of the pet controller's group. This means that monsters pulled with a pet will now behave (in terms of aggression) as they would if pulled by a player.

- Monsters being attacked by multiple casters using area of effect spells will no longer share aggro among the casters' group, but will instead treat them as regular spells.

- The maximum range bonus given to archery attacks from elevation has been set to 500.

- Fixed a bug introduced in 1.70 where damage variance against monster targets wasn't always working correctly. This was most noticeable on Albion double speccing classes, which could leave their secondary skill at 1 without any damage variance.

- The character ability Flurry can once again only be used against enemy realm players, pets and guards.

- (Bug Fix) Polearms and two handed weapons in Albion set to an elemental damage type will now make the correct secondary skill check. Previously these weapons were ignoring this check when determining damage, allowing unspecced players to use these weapons as effectively as specced players.

- Brittle Guard will now move at speed 5 velocity. This will allow this particular pet to keep up with its owner.

- The delve description for the master ability, Summon Wood, should now correctly print that it can be used to repair - not upgrade - keep doors.


- Players are now worth Mordred style coin on regular servers in the case of RvR kills. This money will be automatically given to the killer or divided among the killer's group. Pleaes note that players are no longer worth money for being killed to people who have just killed them recently.

- Teleporting into a keep will now drop you inside the lord tower of the keep.

- Animist turrets cannot be cast upward over 250 units onto enemy keep or tower pieces. This is to stop turrets from ending up on the keep/tower ramparts, but still allows defenders to cast down onto attacking forces. Please note that Animists will still be able to cast upward over 250 units for their own realm's tower and keep pieces (or their own guild's tower and keep pieces for the PvP ruleset).

- The 175 unit upward limit for turrets casting on their targets has been removed. Please note that this restriction removal does not change the caster's upward limit.

- Turrets cannot be cast into the lord tower of a keep unless the Animist is also inside the lord tower. This is to stop turrets from being cast into rooms inside the lord keep through windows.

- (Bug Fix) Animist summon spells for controllable turrets will now also perform the secondary line of sight check to prevent them from being placed in areas the caster can't see.

- Due to player feedback, we have removed the too-steep areas by water in the New Frontiers zones. Players will now be able climb up all river and ocean shoreline areas.

- Boiling oil on the gatehouse hookpoints can once again be used/controlled.

- Mesmerized or stunned players can no longer use hookpoints.

- There is now a two hour timer that starts when the final milegate leading to a relic temple closes. After this timer expires, players will be unable to lower the relic pillars of the relic temple until a milegate for the temple is reopened.

- (PvP Ruleset) The under siege enemies in area check now works correctly on the PvP ruleset. This also fixes a case where a guild member of a different realm than the lord would not be able to get the upgrade dialog.

- (PvP Ruleset) The realm point earning restrictions (where if a player is a higher realm rank/level than the player killed, less realm points are earned) have been removed for the PvP ruleset server.

New Strategy For Sieges

A new ability for characters with little or no range capability has been added to New Frontiers: the ability to bind to a Keep Lord/Tower Captain.

- This ability lets players of the supported classes "/recall" their corpses to the Lord/Captain's location after a death for a safe resurrection by a friendly resurrection class. To take advantage of this feature, a supported class must first right-click on the Lord/Captain and "bind" to him. This temporary bind lasts for 30 minutes, and a warning will be given to the player when the timer runs out, or when they are out of range of the keep/tower. Once you recall, you will need to wait three minutes to rebind to the keep lord or tower captain.

- Classes that can use the "/recall" are: Armsman, Bard, Berserker, Blademaster, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Friar, Healer, Hero, Mercenary, Minstrel, Paladin, Reaver, Savage, Shaman, Skald, Thane, Valewalker, Warden, and Warrior.

Realm Ability Changes

- The recipients of healing from Ameliorating Melodies will now receive more appropriate text feedback when the spell is in effect.


- Siege weapon damage has been lowered to more appropriate ranges for each Battleground.

- Fixed an exploit where if you waited for an auto release in a Battleground and were too high for said Battleground, you would release to the portal keep if you had previously released there in that play session.

- Siegemasters will no longer create siege weapons for players on keep/tower pieces.

Siege Changes

- Players now do significantly more damage against siege equipment when using melee attacks. Please note that this does not affect rams.

- Siege equipment will now hit ward objects and storm objects.

- While tracking a target, a piece of ranged siege will now lose that target if it goes under water, stealths, or goes out of range. Direct fire weapons, such as ballistas and pallintones, will also lose target if the target is a player or monster and goes out of line of sight. When a siege engine loses its target in this way, the siege ceases tracking and has its target set at the last known location of the target it was tracking (so, if you are quick, you may still be able to damage the target).

- The diseased carcass catapult ammo no longer affects friendly realm mates.

- Special ammo on catapults now scale their damage appropriately.

- (Normal Ruleset Only) Rams owned by different realms cannot be combined with the battle and war ram recipes.

- (PvP Ruleset) Rams owned by different guilds cannot be combined with the battle and war ram recipes.


- Nasher and the snowdon grims should no longer hide behind a zone boundary.

- The accursed hounds in the Passage of Conflict are now classified as animals.

Item Notes

- The Ring of Deflection, the Ring of Guarding, and the Hidden Ring have been renamed to reflect that they are actually bracelets.



- Camelot - Alchemist Kael has been renamed to Master Kael since he sells both spellcrafting and alchemy supplies.

Quests - Albion

- The Albion Runner has returned to Camelot. Players stuck on step one of the Impossible Misson quest may now speak with the Albion runner to continue their quest.

- Brother Salvar has returned to Camelot. Players can once again turn in the Bloody Cyclops Eyes in to this NPC.

Quests - Midgard

- Players on step six of Burning Realm can now travel to Uppland to find the auroras.

Quests - Hibernia

- Players on step sixteen of Catch of the Day can now travel to Crauchon Gorge to find the sharptoothed megafelid.

- Shar Rangers will now be able to obtain the Seeking Glory quest.

Item Notes

- The Crude Silk Gloves (Hibernia) now have a bonus to Constitution in place of the duplicate Dexterity bonus.

- The Dagger of Dangerous Tidings (Hibernia) now has a bonus to Piercing skill instead of Thrusting skill.

- The Jet Bone Shield, the Crimson Blade-stopper, and the Smoking Sable Protector (Albion) are now set to the correct levels.
Mein Leben glitt der Zeit davon
als mir im Traum ein Engel erschien
fing die Tränen auf die ich geweint
lächelte sanft und gab mir die Hand
ich mit ihm schritt in die Ewigkeit
ein letztes Leb' Wohl meine Lippen verließ


- Tears of Fire (All Realms) - There is a new quest available to players level 48 and higher in Aerus Haven. To obtain the quest, speak to the following NPCs: Albion - Kevia, Midgard - Maissa, Hibernia - Cacei.

Oceanus Encounters

- The Night Terrors' spawn frequency has been adjusted.

- Aten's Shield encounter credit is now given to anyone within the group of a player who interacts with the correct treasure chest.

- Players will no longer be able to use the Gateway spells during the Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves or the Staff of the God encounters if they are holding the locked artifact. Once the encounter has been completed, players holding the artifacts will be able to use the Gateway spells.

- The Mariasha's Sharkskin Gloves encounter will now give group credit instead of just crediting the player carrying the Heavy Strongbox.

Item Notes

- Players will once again be able to combine Public Notes 2 and 3 with Public Notice 1 of 3 to receive the Journal of Public Notices.

- The Belt of the Sun will now only summon weapons that can be equipped by the user's class.

- The Belt of the Sun will now summon quarterstaves for Friars and two-handed axes, swords, and hammers for Midgard. The Belt of the Sun will also now summon three versions of polearms and two-handed weapons, as a result of the bug fix for checking secondary skills on elemental damage weapons.


- Master Kaldaran, Malandra, and Stor Gothi Sedirane will now correctly take New Frontiers portal scrolls. Master Kaldaran will also now take Camelot portal scrolls. These three NPCs should no longer randomly teleport players to Caerwent Marketplace.

Foundations Notes

- The teleporter, Stor Gothi Leidar, has set up shop in the Kaupang Marketplace.

- The Midgard, Albion, and Hibernia Decorators all have set up shop in the Kaupang Marketplace.


- Consignment Merchants in Hibernian Housing will now accept the Aberillan Market Return Token.

- The ticket from Saeranthal Market to Domaba's Stable is now only available from Grardop.
Mein Leben glitt der Zeit davon
als mir im Traum ein Engel erschien
fing die Tränen auf die ich geweint
lächelte sanft und gab mir die Hand
ich mit ihm schritt in die Ewigkeit
ein letztes Leb' Wohl meine Lippen verließ

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